Meet Our Partner –

Mattew Miller

from BrogA

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I am true southern Californian who grew up in Laguna Beach and live up to the cliche of everything that goes with it. Beach Lifeguard, Venice Bodybuilder, Nutrition freak, new age hippie. And I brought all that to the UK 14 years ago and did not look back!
What do you love doing the most?  
Some kind of fitness followed by the reward of not food, but a moment to relax and be still. It’s a yin and yang balance thing!
What will be your go to thing in 2021? (can be anything – food, fitness, reading, relaxation etc.?) 
2021 for me will be about being ultra selective about my interactions with others. I want to strive to value the positive ones as much more precious and remove myself immediately anything that is not.
What is your favourite part of the UK?
I think the UK has to too many incredible places to pick one: Jurassic Coast, Cornwall, Edinburgh.. all have maintained a sense of manageability because of the unpredictable weather. If the sun was shining all spring summer it would all be ruined with too many people !
Favourite item of clothing?
My brutal buddha shorts made expressly for men to keep everything dry and in place ( why didn’t anyone think of this before!!!???)
Favourite piece of fitness/exercise or health equipment? 
Dumbbells. Give me a set of light , medium and heavy dumbells and I can come up with a thousand ways to use them!
What do you think the biggest fitness/health trend will be over the next few years? 
Yoga with 100% certainty . The mainstream public are finally making the connection to movement linked with breath and physical plus mental strength.
Do you have a favourite quote? 
Move like you are pushing through water. 
Who would you gift fitness to, why and what would it be?
Young teenagers. This is the crucial moment when we begin to loose our childlike fitness superpowers and connect with bad physical habits that will be carried through into adulthood.