This bake will knock your socks off! It is rich, creamy and so satisfying, all thanks to millet and oat bechamel. You will be surprised how those cooked grains transform into this rich, creamy sauce! Fluffy and light, it crispens up in the oven and turns golden brown. This bechamel is so much better than a traditional one, it is naturally thick, without using any flour, and fat-free too! This creamy millet aubergine bake is truly addictive: homemade tangy and herby tomato sauce coats roasted aubergines and millet bechamel is like the best creamy gravy you’ve ever had.


Millet is such an underappreciated grain, and it deserves so much more attention. It is nature’s antibiotics, full of antioxidants and vitamins. I love millet for its versatility and magical properties. It is wonderful in burgers and patties, as it acts like glue, so there is no need for flour. When blended with plant milk, it makes the best shakes, and when cooked with plant milk, it makes the most creamy custard. In this creamy aubergines millet bake, it will make the most wonderful bechamel. Millet is perfect with both savoury and sweet dishes, so here’s to its superpowers!


It is pretty straightforward, but there are some simple rules to follow in order to cook good-tasting millet, without a bitter taste. This is probably the most common complaint that I hear. Regardless of the dish you will be preparing, follow those steps and your millet will turn out amazing.

  • rinse millet with boiling water two or three times
  • pour over hot water, thumb height above the line of millet
  • add some salt, just like for potatoes
  • cover with a lid
  • bring to the boil on a low heat
  • cook till all of the water has been absorbed
  • leave in a covered pan for 5-10 minutes


You can check millet whilst it’s cooking and if it’s still a bit tough but the water is gone, just add some more boiling water so the pot doesn’t burn. The cooked millet is now ready! I love its taste so when in hurry, I just pour some good olive oil, zaatar or dukkah and I dig in! You can keep cooked millet in the fridge for a few days, it is always handy to have some to speed up cooking this creamy millet aubergines bake. Some recipes will ask for a hot, just cooked millet, as it blends so much better, but in certain recipes, a cold one is just right.

Although it may look a bit complicated, and the recipe is divided into few stages, it is still pretty easy and quick to make it. A bit of multitasking and following the steps to use your time effectively and you are all set! That’s my order of the tasks, so all is done quickly

  • Bake the aubergines first
  • Whilst they are baking, cook the millet
  • Start preparing tomato sauce
  • Back to the oven- flip the aubergines slices
  • Drain the millet
  • Back to the tomato sauce- season and continue cooking
  • Aubergines should be done now- switch off the oven
  • Make millet bechamel
  • Blend tomato sauce
  • All ready to put together!


This bake is amazing not just because it is so delicious, but also because it is packed with goodness and everything about it screams healthy. Yet, when you eat it, it tastes like the most indulging, luxurious and rich dish. It is so creamy, a bit cheesy, almost like the best part of lasagna- the white, bubbling sauce. You can reach out for seconds and thirds, as all you will be doing is nourishing your body with more plant power. Millet may be a bit calorific, but it is one of those good calories that give us strength and nutrients. If you happen to make this during tomato season, then I encourage you to make a sauce from fresh tomatoes, it may take a few more minutes to fiddle with the skins, but it is really worth it. Otherwise, good quality tinned tomatoes will work perfectly fine.

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