Meet our partner Purbeck Bike Tours

Meet Our Partner – Ben Mutton FROM Purbeck Bike Tours 

…..and why he’d like to get his own back on Joe Wicks!

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Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’ve been working in the events industry for years but was unfortunately made redundant during Covid. My main hobby has always been mountain biking and having grown up in Dorset I took the opportunity to start up Purbeck Bike Tours to give people the chance to experience the best riding that the area has to offer without the worry of following maps/apps etc and to generally offer people the chance to get out in the great outdoors.

What do you love doing the most?

Mountain Biking is and has always been my favourite sport/hobby.

What has been your go-to thing over the as few years?

We adopted a rescue dog, so as well as cycling, I’ve been spending a lot of time walking her in the Purbecks, hopefully training her up to one day follow me behind the bike!

What is your favourite part of the UK?

I’m biased and I will say the Purbecks, however, I also love the Lake District and Cornwall, generally anywhere with beautiful countryside.

Favourite item of clothing?

POC knee pads – they’ve saved me from scuffed knees on more than one occasion and are really comfortable on a full day’s ride.

Favourite piece of fitness, exercise or health equipment?

Before lockdown, I used to enjoy the recumbent bike at the gym, a nice relaxed position that allowed me to catch up with mountain biking vids on YouTube. However, you can’t beat the great outdoors so I’ll say my current bike, which is an Octane One Prone.

What do you think the biggest fitness or health trend will be over the next few years?

In the cycling industry, it will be E-Bikes, there’s been an explosion in their popularity over the past couple of years which looks set to continue. They are not everyone’s cup of tea and I haven’t been converted yet, but they are allowing more people to get out, stay fit and cover more miles.

Do you have a favourite quote?

Seven days without a ride makes one weak.

Who would you gift fitness to, why and what would it be?

I would gift a Purbeck Bike Tour experience to Joe Wicks. During lockdown, we did his workouts most mornings which were great, but I would like to put him through his paces on the trails and maybe get my own back!

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