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Written by Ben Mutton, founder of Purbeck Bike Tours

Fuelled partly by Team GB and Team Sky’s success, over the last ten years or so, cycling in the UK has absolutely exploded and people are taking to two wheels to experience the thrills, fitness, and well-being benefits the sport has to offer.

Since lockdown, this boom in cycling has increased ten-fold and the temptation to hit the trails to escape the Netflix rut, or a new WFH regime, has seen more and more people taking to the saddle.

One of the first medals Team GB secured in the Toyko Olympics was the Gold Medal in the Men’s Mountain Bike Cross Country Race, won by Tom Pidcock. This then opened the floodgates for a medal haul in BMX, and track cycling. This is likely to have the legacy of inspiring even more people to take up the various disciplines of cycling for years to come.

Whilst we may not be charging around the countryside at Olympic or even race pace, Purbeck Bike Tours is a perfect way to experience mountain biking and all the benefits it offers at a level to suit you.

One of the greatest things about mountain biking is that it gives you the opportunity to completely switch off from everyday life. The amount of concentration required on technical trails means you are completely at one with bike and trail; this coupled with the health and well-being benefits of being in the countryside, and the pressures of work are quickly forgotten.

Mountain biking is one of the most sociable sports and is a great way to have fun with friends, whilst challenging yourself technically and physically.

At Purbeck Bike Tours we offer the full range of rides, whether you enjoy a long-distance jaunt around the countryside with big climbs and descents, a gentle pootle around forest tracks, or adrenaline-fuelled thrash around a man-made single track, we can do it all. We can also tailor rides to suit you based on your skills and fitness and if there are any of Dorset’s iconic landmarks you would
like to see we can throw this in as well.

Our partnership with Gift Fit offers you the chance to book a ride option of your choice and experience first-hand the thrills (and spills) of mountain biking in one of the finest parts of the UK.

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