Tips on how to have a better night’s sleep when it’s hot.

When the heat is on!

How to get a better night’s sleep when it’s hot.  

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Trying to get to sleep in the humidity and heat of our summer heat waves often catches us unprepared.

Our bodies naturally experience a dip in temperature as we drift off, but by being too hot we make it harder for our bodies to do this.

Here are a few top tips from one of our Gift Fit partners, Dave Gibson of The Sleep Site, to help make bedtime a little cooler. 

1) Close the blinds during the day to keep the sun out. Keep windows shut too as 30% of heat comes into the bedroom that way. A night use a fan, or open a window, as long as it’s not too noisy outside. You could even put a damp sheet between the fan (or the open window) and the bed so it cools the circulating air.

2) Stay hydrated during the day and night. Top up your hydration just before bed and keep a glass of water handy. Use a thermos if possible.

3) Don’t drink alcohol close to bedtime as it will dehydrate you and interferes with your sleep quality.

4) Have a lighter meal in the evening, and avoid eating close to bedtime. 

5) Take a warm shower before bed. This encourages a drop in body temperature immediately afterward, which is needed to initiate sleep.

6) Consider sleeping lower to the floor/ lower down, as heat rises!

7) Cool your feet by filling a hot water bottle with iced water. 

8) Cool your pulse points (wrists, backs of knees, neck, groin, and ankle). Put iced face towels on these areas. You could also try sleeping with wet hair, which will cool you as the water evaporates.

9) Try putting your sheets and pillowcases in the fridge to cool down, or even in the freezer for a short time. Make sure you put them inside a plastic bag in both cases so they don’t get too wet.

10) Consider buying a cooler pillow – buckwheat is good.

11) Use breathable sheets and nightwear, or none.

12) Separate bed sheets can also help. Heat from two combined bodies won’t be trapped as easily as sharing one bed sheet at night.

13) Dampen your sheets slightly. This is effectively what the ancient Egyptians used to do to combat the heat.

14) Use a cooling water spray mixed with peppermint oil to stimulate your cooling receptors. Put Aloe Vera based after-sun cream in the fridge during the day. Take it out at night and leave on your bedside table so you can use it when needed to help to cool your body.

15) Turn off and unplug all electrics – as these emit heat at night (this will also help to save power too).

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