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About Alex Saxton Hypnotherapy

Alex Saxton is an enthusiastic clinical hypnotherapist with over 10 years experience who specialises in treating anxiety, phobias and insomnia using the power of hypnosis and other complementary techniques. Alex chose the field of anxiety to specialise in, due to her own personal experiences of suffering from high anxiety, phobias and debilitating insomnia in her 20’s. It was only through learning hypnosis along with other powerful techniques that Alex managed to overcome her anxiety issues and now enjoys a rewarding career in helping others in similar situations. With a background in psychology and clinical hypnotherapy, Alex helps people who are suffering from anxiety related issues, learn how to reduce stress, release worries, overcome phobias and improve sleep too, so that they can wake up every morning feeling energised, confident and fully present, free from the shackles of negative thoughts. Alex has held various hypnotherapy clinics across London in Kew Gardens and Richmond, worked onsite at corporate banks helping their employees to reduce stress and overcome phobias, and provided her services to guests and members of luxury spa hotels such as The Chewton Glen in Hampshire. Sessions with Alex are conducted online via either Zoom, SKYPE or FaceTime so that her client’s can thoroughly relax in the comfort of their own homes, which helps when dealing with anxiety and certain types of phobias too.

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