About FTY Lab

Welcome to the world’s first FTY Lab, the hi-tech football inspired gym. The Lab, which is powered by Elite Skills Arena, creates a truly unique experience for every player whether they are looking for fun or fitness. The FTY Lab has a range of revolutionary training & entertainment products, which are used by professional clubs around the world. All of the products use LED lights to create targets for players to hit, challenge yourself against friends and pro-players as you battle for the high scores. The FTY Lab is for everyone whether you want to train hard or to simply play for the fun of the game. However, for those who are fully committed to training and improving, FTY can provide its players with data feedback and full analysis of their session. Visit the Lab and experience the future!

Contact Information

Unit C1B Poole Retail Park (BH12 1DN) Poole (GB)